Wedding customs today still varies
from one culture to another.

wedding in Yukon
is a culinary
occasion. Plenteous foods and beverages
are offered to
the ravenous and
parched visitors on this significant
occasion. But the
wedding is not
like any other
wedding you are
thinking about.


Weddings in
Yukon are performed by Religious Representatives identified
as Clergy,
Justices of the Peace or Marriage Commissioners authorized
by the Government of Yukon. These people are in charge
of sending marriage
Registrations to Vital Statistics for record keeping.



Before the real
marriage ceremony the couple must apply face to face to the Marriage License Issuer in Yukon .when applying they
must specify if
they want either traditional,
civil or religious kind
of marriage, Either kind of
service must
be seen by
two individuals. Religious
wedding functions are performed by a religious illustrative
of your decision, as
long as they are enlisted with Vital Statistics, Health and Social Services Yukon government. Civil wedding functions are
performed by a Marriage Commissioner or Justice of the Peace (JP), who are selected by Government of Yukon. Contact the Marriage Commissioner or JP straightforwardly
to make an arrangement
and courses of action.
Records are
accessible from Whitehorse
Vital Statistics. Each type
of marriage implies various costs
so one should check the Vital Statistics or the Marriage Commissioner in regards to fitting charges.




Enrolling the Marriage


The religious delegate, Marriage
Commissioner or JP who plays out the
wedding service will
likewise total the essential
Marriage Registration Form. This frame is
then sent by the religious agent,
Marriage Commissioner or JP to the Vital Statistics Agency, where the marriage is enlisted and a lawful record is kept.


Evidence of


At the season
of the function,
the Religious Representative, Marriage Commissioner or JP gives an authentication of marriage - this between time archive is
perceived in Yukon
to demonstrate that
you are hitched.


After marriage


After marriage, the couples
pick up the privilege to utilize their
life partner's
surname. You can keep utilizing your
own surname or utilize
a hyphenated name. This does not bring
about a legitimate
difference in name
or in any programmed
change to birth records, and you can choose to come back to
your own surname whenever.
After the marriage, and following the receipt and enlistment
of the Marriage Registration Form, a lasting marriage testament can
be requested by
the two people from the Vital Statistics Agency.