If you are hoping to have an edge over the competition as you prepare your house for a spring market, the answer may be in the interior design niche. This season has brought in new, exciting trends, many of which can be easily implemented into your home, giving your house a fresh, new look that will be appealing to prospective buyers.

Back to Nature

If you think you are seeing an increasing trend towards succulents, organic cottons, and all-natural, rustic decor, you are not wrong. 2018 is showing an increase in the natural side of decorating and design, encouraging homeowners to use environmentally-friendly materials and buy eco-conscious furniture, fabrics, and household items. The importance and value of this is incredibly clear when it comes to buying real estate in Collingwood and along the inlets of the South Georgian Bay.


Bring in Colour

This year is all about the moody, deep, and bold colours, which encourage you to make a statement in your rooms and throughout your house. PPG has dubbed their colour of the year to be a deep indigo hue, while Pantone's colour of the year, Ultra Violet, is similarly dramatic. No longer are we destined to rooms of neutral greys, whites and creams, but instead, to paint and decorate with a bold colour and a confident colour scheme. Introduce these hues in a room in your house before you sell, and show your future owners the true potential of the home as they are greeted with assertive accent walls and well-composed design.


The trend toward minimalism began in 2017, gaining momentum with the Hygge movement. Now, a year later, it is stronger than ever, encouraging owners to fill their home with functional items, adopting a "less is more" attitude that favours simplistic living spaces and less clutter. Adopting this attitude is a big drawing point to potential buyers who enter your house, as excess chaos and disorganization in a home is a turn off to future owners.


Make it Unique

With the increase of "cookie cutter" living spaces that are available on the market – think subdivisions, condominiums, apartment complexes – new homeowners want something different. They want something that can be their own, and more than that, which they feel like they can turn into their own. As a seller, you have the ability to create a unique home that they want to buy, but also to show off the potential of what it can be turned into. Start with the bold colour palette, like above, and then go outside the box: think modern meets rustic; traditional meets contemporary; a mix of new and old. Indeed black and white and velvet are making a comeback, so there is lots of room to play with the current design of your South Georgian Bay home and set it up to the best it can be!

Now that you have your decorating done, it's time to sell your property! Visit LocationsNorth.com to get your your house on the real estate market this spring!