Anytime you need to travel with a group of friends, alone or with a loved one for a skiing trip or just to enjoy nature, your travel agent will most probably recommend Yukon. Apart from the variety of options that Yukon has to offer you will be particularly excited to see the northern lights. You see the northern lights are these bright lights that appear in the night sky visible from the northern hemisphere. Formed from a collision of the suns’ charged particles with the earths’ atmospheric gases, the lights vary in colour according to the particular gas they interact with. This phenomenon produces rainbow like colors called "Aurora borealis" that dance all over the sky above stretching for miles on end. Yukon been located in the northern side of Canada is the ideal place to view the Aurora borealis and also the closest place to see this wonder of the world if you come from southern Canada and the larger North America as a whole.

The cabins and hotels around in Yukon provide the world class gourmet meals and exceptional service. The cabins overlook the beautiful Emerald Lake that stretches to the horizon, and the mountain slopes add a breathtaking view to it. After the evening meal, gather around the camp fire with a hot chocolate mug and watch the panoramic sunset over the lake. Immediately after the darkness sets in, the night sky starts glowing from a pale green and pink to blue, red and even yellow as the northern lights reveal their splendor in streams, clouds, arcs and even ripped curtains.

Why Visit Yukon? 

Yukon boasts a very rich culture with majority of the population been Native Americans. Apart from viewing the northern lights, touring the National park or even enjoying a boat ride in the lake, there is a culture festival in Yukon where you can traditional artefacts and listen to stories from the local elders about the Wolf clan.

If you have read about the Northern lights phenomenon happen to visit Canada, Yukon is definitely the place you need to visit!